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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Show your style and uniqueness with personalized iPhone mobile covers

            There is a battle for having the best phone available in the market. Apple has smoothly defied other brands with its notch display iPhone X mobile phone that looks awesome. If you own this phone, you can make it even more attractive with personalized iphone X back covers.

Being a printing store, we offer customized ihone X back covers on which you can imprint any design and photo. Thus, you get a chance to have the exact mobile cover you want. By this way, you can flaunt your style to the world. If you love sports, you can browse our collection for such sporty designs. In case, you want your own design imprinted on the back cover, all you have to do is to upload your design on our website. We will print your design on your iPhone X back cover.

We offer iphone mobile covers made of hard grade plastic. The reason for choosing this material is providing safety to your phone. There are other materials for mobile covers too like soft plastic, silicon, rubber, etc. but are not capable of securing mobile phone from physical damages. While the hard grade plastic does its best to prevent any damage to your phone if you drop it off accidentally. More to your comfort, you get a feel of compactness while holding the customized hard plastic cover in your hands.

Along with your personal use, you can use a personalized iphone mobile covers as a gift item too. The name and photo of the recipient can be printed on the back cover to make your gift even more meaningful. As everyone uses a mobile phone, you can gift such mobile covers to anyone. If gifting on a certain occasion, you can imprint the desired message and quote on it, for instance, if you give a personalized mobile covers to your father on father’s day, you can imprint a dedicated message to your father telling how much important he is in your life. You can gift it to your mother, brother, sister, spouse, or friends with customized messages.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Ultra thin and easy to install custom iphone X mobile back cover of premium quality

iPhone X new model launched with smart features

If You Have Got It, You Gotta Flaunt It! IPhone X is one of the most record breaking smart phones launched by Apple brand. As far as technology and designs are concerned no other mobile phone is smarter then iPhone X. This high class mobile phone has stunning features like display, edge cutting super retina, 5.8 inch screen, Sharp resolution pixels that enhance the crystal clear viewing experience, wrapped in an exact grade steel, durable glass and at last iPhone X model is considered as the most reliable even seen on iPhone series.

  • Customized Apple iPhone X Covers
Yes, if you have an iPhone X, then you truly flaunt its mesmerising beauty and elegance. And to the top of it, you can add to its class with the range of customised back covers that are currently available in the market. Back Covers solve the dual purpose of protecting the original back cover and body of the phone from scratches and marks and also they give your favourite phone a new look altogether. Customisation of back covers can be as per individual’s liking. You may want your favourite family picture at the back of your phone or your favourite quote. Youngsters these days prefer something humorous and swaggy. A nature lover will flaunt his/her love for the mother earth with his favourite picture of the earth’s beauty. The list goes on and on. With the rise in the demand of back covers, market leaders have come up with various printing techniques for them which ensure high quality and longevity without compromising with the touch of class that it offers. 3D printing, HD printing and laser printing are to name a few. Customised back covers augment the scent of luxury and fashion to your iPhone and add another Jewel to its Crown!!

  • Most stylish cases and perfect premium quality
However, it also needs strong guard cover to protect it from sudden fall and moisture, customized Apple iPhone XBack Covers also give to authority to create your own unique ideas on custom mobile covers. Some special designer covers are also present in market to impress the customers with its flawless and unique patterns and colours. For multipurpose smart phone, its protecting shield should be made of long lasting material like white high grade plastic. Uniquely designed 3 D Apple iPhone X Back Case Cover is immensely striking, especially when image or name engraved on it. On the outside, the touch is soft and feels great in your hands. And you can keep it in pocket comfortably. 

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