Friday, 14 September 2018

Notable customized Vivo mobile covers just a click away

We offer designer Vivo mobile covers at affordable prices to our customers across India. If you want such covers for you too, you can browse our collection of designs so that you can choose a better design for your mobile.

From the brand Vivo, its Y83 model has created a huge brouhaha among other competitive mobile manufacturer companies by offering a notch display under such a lower budget. This phone looks quite classy with notch display. Its shining backside is meant to remain unscratched so that you need to get a back cover for it. While getting a back cover, why buy a regular one? You can get a personalized and customized Vivo Y83 back cover at a minimal price.

The collection of our printing store keeps striking designs for all categories like sport, devotional, travel-love, desi quotes, humor, relationship, etc. from where you can choose a design for you according to your interest. In case, you want something more than just a design, you can imprint your own personalized designs on your customized Vivo Y83 back cover. You get the liberty of imprinting your own photo on the mobile covers of your mobile. This way, you get a trendy and striking mobile cover that is made to catch the eyes of people around you.

 Apart from this specific model, you can get designer Vivo mobile covers made of hard grade plastic that is capable of protecting your phone against any physical damages. This way, you do not only make your mobile phone more attractive but safer too. You can get such personalized covers for your dears too with their photos and names. If you gift such item on certain occasions, you can imprint a message too that may suit the occasion in the best way, for instance, if you gift your younger brother, you can imprint a quote too that can show your love along with the picture of your brother. You can gift such covers at father’s day, mother’s day, valentine day, etc.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Show your style and uniqueness with personalized iPhone mobile covers

            There is a battle for having the best phone available in the market. Apple has smoothly defied other brands with its notch display iPhone X mobile phone that looks awesome. If you own this phone, you can make it even more attractive with personalized iphone X back covers.

Being a printing store, we offer customized ihone X back covers on which you can imprint any design and photo. Thus, you get a chance to have the exact mobile cover you want. By this way, you can flaunt your style to the world. If you love sports, you can browse our collection for such sporty designs. In case, you want your own design imprinted on the back cover, all you have to do is to upload your design on our website. We will print your design on your iPhone X back cover.

We offer iphone mobile covers made of hard grade plastic. The reason for choosing this material is providing safety to your phone. There are other materials for mobile covers too like soft plastic, silicon, rubber, etc. but are not capable of securing mobile phone from physical damages. While the hard grade plastic does its best to prevent any damage to your phone if you drop it off accidentally. More to your comfort, you get a feel of compactness while holding the customized hard plastic cover in your hands.

Along with your personal use, you can use a personalized iphone mobile covers as a gift item too. The name and photo of the recipient can be printed on the back cover to make your gift even more meaningful. As everyone uses a mobile phone, you can gift such mobile covers to anyone. If gifting on a certain occasion, you can imprint the desired message and quote on it, for instance, if you give a personalized mobile covers to your father on father’s day, you can imprint a dedicated message to your father telling how much important he is in your life. You can gift it to your mother, brother, sister, spouse, or friends with customized messages.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Maximize your style with up-to-the-minute Samsung mobile cover

In India, people can be seen easily with Samsung mobile phones in their hand. The reason is the reliability and durability offered by Samsung. If you own Samsung phones, you can increase its awesomeness just by using a personalized Samsung mobile cover.

Being India’s largest online printing store, we provide designer mobile covers. Our collection keeps a plethora of designs from where you can get a suitable design for you in just a few clicks. There are various filters available on our website by using which you can search a design according to your choice. We give you an option of choosing design beyond the collection too that ensure that you would be able to imprint any design or photo on the cover. Thus, you get an option of showing your style with your mobile cover.

If we talk about Samsung phones, its J8 2018 model was a great hit. If you own J8, you can get Samsung J8 2018 back cover. As we have stated above, you can imprint any design on it. If you have an inclination towards sports, you can show your interest by your mobile cover. We provide mobile covers made of hard grade plastic that is capable of saving your phone from physical damages. All covers are cut using sharp tools ensuring that no side of the cover is blunt. Sharp sides and corners offer a classy look to your mobile.

You can get designer Samsung mobile covers for all models of Samsung like Galaxy Note 9, A6 (2018), J6, J7 Duo, A6 Plus, A9 Pro, J2 Pro 2018. On6, S7 Edge, A7 2018, Note 3 Neo, Core Prime Neo, A8 Plus, S9, S9, etc. Not for Samsung only but you get customized mobile covers for all brands like Apple, LG, HTC, Huawei, etc. These covers are suitable for gifting purpose. You can gift it to your friends with their photos and names. If you know their interest, you can imprint related quote or image on it.

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